The following lesson plan was completed for a Kindergarten class in which I worked in and was also being observed by my Internship Supervisor and colleague.

Saint Vincent College, Education Department

Name of Student Teacher: Nicole Mrkich

Date: 4/19/2011 Time: 9:15 a.m. Grade/Subject/Course: Kindergarten/Writing

Cooperating Teacher’s Initials/Signature Pre-Approving This Lesson: __

  1. Lesson Topic(s): Writing describing words

  1. Length of Time: 20-25 min.

  1. Lesson Material(s) and Special Equipment(s) Pencils, crayons, 4 stuffed animals (snake, rabbit puppet, pigeon, and Knuffle Bunny character), 1 cookie, paper with lines and area to draw a picture of object at the top, 5 boxes

  1. Objectives and Related PA Academic Standards Code(s) and/or Anchors

  • Students will be able to write describing words about 1 specific object.
  • Students will be able to respond to descriptions made of other objects given to the class.

  • 1.1.K.B: Employ word recognition techniques: use association strategies to identify letters. Demonstrate phonological awareness through the segmenting and blending of phonemes. Use of knowledge of letter sound correspondence (alphabetic principle to decode words in context.

  • 1.5.K.D: Write using illustrations and descriptive words

  • 1.6.K.A: Listen and respond appropriately to others in small and large group situations.

  1. Assessments and Checking for Understanding (match these to your objectives and include them in your procedures below)
  • Make sure students know what describing words are by writing appropriate words for their object.
  • Students should be able to provide correct describing words for their clues.
  • Students are able to make accurate guesses according to other students clues in the classroom.

  1. Anticipatory Set and Motivation Activities
  • Have boxes sitting in back of room for students to see. Get them excited about what may be in the boxes.
  • Review what we did the day before so students know what is to be expected.

  1. Procedures and Content Presentation (attach all handouts, presentation notes, etc.)
  • Begin with anticipatory set. Get students excited about what may be in the boxes.
  • Split students into 5 separate groups at all 5 tables. There will be 3 independent writing groups (3 students per group), a 4th group working with Mrs. Beckerleg, and the students who are in need of the most help would be in my group.
  • Papers will be in each box for groups. 1 box per group. Names will be written on the back of the paper.
  • Boxes of 1 object in each will then be passed out. 5 boxes include a: cookie, stuffed animal pigeon, rabbit puppet, Knuffle Bunny character, and a snake puppet.
  • Independent writers are instructed to write 3 or more sentences to describe their object (example: It is red and furry). They may write more if time permits. Mrs. Beckerleg’s group will write 3 sentences but will all write the same descriptive words in their sentences. My group already has the beginning of each sentence written out (It is...) so the students just have to fill in the end of the sentence with their word. I will help these students sound each individual sound of the word out with them. Every student’s sentence will be written with the same word in my group.
  • Remind students of capital letter in beginning, spaces, and period at the end of sentence.
  • When students have finished writing, they will then draw a picture of the object at the top of their paper. Students should have a privacy folder put up at their seats so no one can see the object or what they have drawn.

  1. Summary and Closure
  • When each group is finished, groups will go one at a time to read their clues. Every student in each group will read a different clue giving the entire class a chance to think about what the object may be based off of their descriptive words.
  • I will call on 3 students to make a guess based off of the given clues.
  • The last group would have the cookie as their object. This will be my group. Once one student in the class has guessed what the object is correctly, as a reward, everyone would receive a cookie if they would like one. Even if the object would not be guessed, the group would show the object to the class and as a treat, everyone would receive a snack.

  1. Adaptations for Special Needs
  • Teacher assistance in writing words and providing ideas for describing words
  • Small group
  • Beginning of each sentence has already been given
  • Alphabet line

  1. Assignments and Enrichment Activities
  • Each student would take home a brown bag and fill it with 1 small object to bring back into school for the following day (no electronics). Student would then need to write 3 describing words that tell about the object. The next day in class, all students would gather into circle and individually read their 3 words that describe their object. Student would then call on 3 students in classroom for their guesses, if no one would guess correctly, that student would then receive 1 nickel to earn for their pig.